Obtain Normal Body Weight and Avoid The Extremes

Never Go To The Extreme!fitness-boot-camp-testimonial

Looking at celebrities and their perfect pictures from magazines, people have become more and more obsessed with looking perfect and obtaining the perfect body image.  Usually, this perfection we strive for is unattainable, since it has been achieved with Photoshop most probably.  However, there is also the other extreme: more and more people are gaining weight massively or have gained a lot of weight, becoming obese and over-indulging in food and drinks. Even if you follow a healthy lifestyle you might not end up looking as Gisele Bundschen or Kate Moss, but that’s ok, you should strive to look healthy and be happy.

The Unhealthy Game of Both Losing and Gaining

Both extremes on the scale are not healthy for your body.  Torturing your body and becoming thin like a skeleton is just as unhealthy as being obese and vice versa.  Therefore, if you want to preserve your health and obtain a realistic, healthy body image you should try to keep your weight within the normal limits.  Which basically means that you will not be too fat, but you will not be too thin either if you choose to keep your weight within normal BMI.

IMG_9524-1024x1024Quick Solutions To Your Problems

Frequently I get the question how to lose weight quickly.  And the answer is there it is no quick and simple solution!  So forget about it!  You will not go to bed one night only to wake up next morning 20 pounds lighter, no matter what kind of magic pill you take.  The process of losing weight is truly that – a process, and it cannot be hurried.  You should strive to change your eating habits, your diet, your taste in certain foods; only then when you see the results on your body.

The Famous Yo-Yo Effect

You have probably heard of the yo-yo effect, when rapid weight loss is followed by weight gain.  In order to avoid this you should avoid to losing weight rapidly, since this in most cases only means that you will gain all those pounds back quickly, and probably stack up some more.

How To Lose Weight and Keep It Off

What you want to do is to change your lifestyle.  Change your diet.  Create healthy eating habits.  Drink lots of water.  Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.  Eat healthy meats, such as red meat, chicken, fish.  Avoid eating fast food.  Do not drink unhealthy beverages which are full of sugar.  Do not enjoy alcohol excessively.  Do not smoke.  Exercise, as much as you can.  Exercise several times a week.  Enjoy sports activities as your leisure activities several times a week. Be active. Go on foot or cycle instead of driving around in your car. Change your life from the root, and you are bound to see the results.s780122335519039042_p27_i1_w892


[box type=”download”]   Patience, My Dear 

Just because after the first two weeks you don’t see the results, that doesn’t mean you should give it up and go back to your old habits. I know old habits die hard, but give your new lifestyle a chance, or you will never see the results it might have.[/box]