What Do I Need In Order To Lose Weight?

I’m Really Good – At Gaining Weight!

While most of us are able to gain weight rather easily, the majority is not to as good when it comes to losing weight.  For some people the idea to lose the excess weight and pounds they have been piling up for years is sometimes inconceivable.  However, you should know that all people can lose weight, even though it might be a little bit more difficult than gaining weight.

What-is-the-best-way-to-lose-weight1Tell Me What To Do

People often want advice on things they need to do, plans they have to follow and activities they have to take in order for them to lose weight and keep it off.  And while there are many things you can do to lose weight, there is one key thing when it comes to being successful at losing weight and I would like to put the special emphasis on it.  Mark these words: The key to successful weight loss is (drumroll!) determination.  In other words, it’s all in that lovely head of yours.

Why Determination?

Now let’s say you have about 20 pounds you want to get rid of.  You start to exercise, eat healthy, and after a week or two you realize that you have lost 5 pounds.  Now you feel amazing, you feel excited, and you feel like you have achieved something and you feel proud of yourself.  You start feeling so good about yourself that you can skip that cycling class and have that cup of hot chocolate with your friend.  You will not feel guilty, since you have lost 5 pounds.  After indulging yourself for several days, you go back to the scale and you realize that you have gained back those 5 pounds.  And in fact added two more!  “What?  How is that possible?  Why do I even bother?  I will just give up, altogether.  Hand me that slice of pizza.” Wrong.  You should never, ever, give up on losing weight.  That is the only recipe four future success.

No, Seriously What Should I Do???

Press-uP-Man-59452604Oh, c’mon, you know the drill! And you have probably heard this a million times before, but if you want a list, OK.

Here is what you have to do in order to lose weight:

Start exercising.  Live healthy.  Eat healthy foods.  Do not eat junk food and food which is not good for your health.  Drink plenty of water. Do not smoke, do not drink alcohol (or if you do, keep it to the minimum).  Go to bed early.  Sleep plenty.  Eat reasonable amounts of food.

In Other Words, You Should Change Your Lifestyle Entirely

Instead of implementing a certain diet which is temporary, you should change your lifestyle, be more active, live healthier, and then repeat that every day for the rest of your life.  Only in this way you will lose weight and become healthier.