Skinny Fiber Pilot Study Indicates Weight Loss

There are hundreds of studies on the market showing how various popular weight loss ingredients can help people lose weight. but the fact is, most of these studies are done on rats by over feeding them and then measuring the results after taking these various weight loss ingredients. The trouble with this is that the studies aren’t actually reflective of how the supplements would work on real people and for this reason, we are so proud to announce a new study that has actually been done on a variety of different test subjects and human beings.

Skinny Fiber Pilot Study of 20 Subjects:

The study consisted of two different groups of overweight subjects.  10 people were in one group and these people were between 20-30 years of age and in the “overweight” category on the BMI scale.

The second group was also composed of 10 people who were overweight. In the first group, the participants were put on a diet routine but were instructed to not exercise any more than usual. The second group was placed on the same diet but also had to take two doses of skinny fiber capsules twice a day with lunch and dinner. The study was conducted over the period of 6 weeks.

Results of the Pilot Study:

Participants in the first group lost around 10 pounds with their new diet over the course of those six weeks. However, in the second group the average weight loss was 14.5 pounds, showing an increase of 4.5 pounds for those who took the skinny fiber pills.  The researchers indicated that the various fiber and glucomannan ingredients caused participants to feel less hungry throughout the day so they ate less and as a result lost more weight overall.


The conclusion was that skinny fiber tablets can help aid in weight management. It is important to note that these results were not based on the pills alone since the participants were placed on a diet additionally to maximize their weight loss over the course of the six weeks. However, the pills helped the participants lose weight because it resulted in them being less hungry throughout the day and this allowed them to stick to the rigorous diet.  We conclude that skinny fiber pills can help participants lose weight providing they drink plenty of water during the process and do not indulge in foods that are rich in fat and sugar. By having a moderate and balanced diet in combination with these weight loss pills, people will lose weight and also feel satiated.