Reviving Resolutions: The 21 Day Diet Plan for February

Let me ask you a question, how are those resolutions going? Remember when you promised yourself you’d lose 5 pounds a week till you reached your goal weight?  Maybe your resolve was to quit smoking or drinking and eat more vegetables and fruit for the next few months.  Or perhaps to cut out soda and fizzy drinks and stick to drinking more water and natural juices.  But I wonder how many of you stuck to any of those goals, I’m guessing less than 5 percent did.

The problem is that the New Year has so much pressure and expectations.  We start the year off guns blazing and work out constantly or cut out all the junk from out diets in quest of getting a nice lean body for spring break.  But then life happens. We get invited to social gatherings or parties and temptation is everywhere.  That is why I love the 21 day diet plan. Because most people can’t commit to a three or six month plan, but the idea of only being healthy or having to be healthy for 21 days is very feasible for most people.  The plan is simple. You drink a lot of water to keep your body staying and feeling hydrated and replenishing lost fluids after exercise which is also recommended.  During the 21 day diet plan, you’ll also have to cut out sugar and most carbohydrates.

You will be getting your energy from other sources of food like fruits that are low in sugar and in vegetables.  You’ll start to eat a lot more beans, legumes and lean protein sources. That means cutting out a lot of red mean and sticking to either lean sources of red meat or mainly fish, chicken and turkey.  My favorite part of the 21 day diet plan is the smoothies and green drinks.  They might look strange, but they taste just delicious. They help replenish your body from anything you have lost and also help build muscle and burn fat.  By drinking a lot of water, you will also be less inclined to eat foods.  The purpose of going on this diet for 21 days is to prevent yourself from being addicted to carbs and sugar.  It takes 21 days to break a habit and once you do, you can focus on building your strength, losing weight and getting in the best shape of your life.

If you want to lose even more weight, you might consider adding in a light exercise plan where you focus on cardio and weight lifting. Make sure to warm up before exercising and do a stretch, yoga or cool down afterwards to avoid over-training.  And drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. 🙂