Fiber Makes You Skinny: Recipes and Thoughts

In an era where processed and unhealthy foods are the norm and healthy eating is expensive and difficult to understand, it is no wonder that we are a nation of obese.  We have begun an uproar against “fat shaming” and telling young girls that “big is beautiful” and that plus size women are gorgeous too. And while the mantra has good intentions and encouraging our youth and men and women to be accepting of their bodies, it is very important to remember that obesity and being overweight can have serious implications on our health.

Where to get enough fiber?

Scientists and doctors suggest that people need to eat more fiber in their diet in order to lose weight and get skinny. The popular weight loss pill known as skinny fiber supplement is an excellent weight loss management aid that can help people lose weight. Skinny Fiber contains a number of healthy ingredients that are designed to stimulate weight loss and help the body lose weight.  Fiber is so important because eating enough of it makes the user feel “full” and satisfied after each and every snack and meal throughout the day. When a person feels less hungry on a daily basis, they are less inclined to eat junk food and other types of food that will make them fat. By eating a lot of fiber throughout the day in the form of wholewheat and complex carbohydrates, a person will eat less in the day on the whole. This will result in burning more calories and losing more weight.

What are my high fiber options?

There are many different high fiber options available for both snacks and meals. For breakfast, one might consider eating whole wheat toast with a peanut butter spread. The protein in the nut butter (providing it is low-sugar) will help fill the stomach and the fiber in the toast will be more satisfying and filling than if you were to eat white bread.

For lunch, you might consider brown or basmati rice and some chicken breast mixed with vegetables. Remember to take your skinny fiber pills before you eat so you will eat even less because you will feel full.  It’s also important to drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Sometimes your body pretends that it is hungry and really all you need is more water.  Drinking enough water will also help you feel less tired and more energetic to get through your exercise.

Ultimately, when losing weight just make sure to drink water, take your skinny fiber pills and exercise when you can. Also eat a diet full of high fiber snacks and eat as little sugar and processed foods as possible.