21 day fix to a New You

Have you ever wanted to lose weight? Have you ever works out and eat healthily and not lost weight at all and when what you are doing wrong? If the answer is yes either of these questions then perhaps you need to find any weight loss program that will work for you. I love the 21 day fix because it helps me lose 20 pounds in only three weeks. 21 day fix is a three-week workout program in which you do one workout DVD that lasts for 30 minutes each day. Every workout is different because there are seven different workout to follow, one for each day of the week.
Every day you will target a different muscle or area of the body for example the body, lower body, stomach muscles, and strength training exercises so that he will build muscle in addition to burning fat.

Many people only focus on cardio-based workouts when they are trying to lose weight because they think that lifting weights cause them to fall or gain more weight. This however is an urban legend. Women will not. Unless they take types of supplements in order to bulk up.
However if you do the 21 day fix you will be working every area of your body and you will be burning in addition to losing weight my favorite part about the 21 day fix extreme workout is the eating plan and you must use the 21 day fix container sizes because it makes eating and losing weight simple. All you have to do is select the amount of color containers you have to eat each day to not go over that amount. There is no calorie counting and no counting points. You simply have to fill up the containers for the amount that you are allowed to eat each day and do not go over that amount. That will keep your caloric intake under 1500 cal for example so that you will lose 2 pounds per week consistently.

When you complete three weeks of the 21 day fix and lose up to 10 pounds, you may decide to do another three weeks of the program to lose even more weight. This is not short-term solution. Losing weight with the 21 day fix is natural and healthy and you can repeat the process over and over again until you get your desired results you if you decide that you want to try something different and you want to try a more intense exercise you may consider going and purchasing the 21 day fix extreme which is the second program in the to program series. The second program is for more advanced exercisers because the exercises in the DVDs are much more difficult than the original I recommend a series for anyone who wants to lose weight perhaps before a wedding or a party.