Reviving Resolutions: The 21 Day Diet Plan for February

Let me ask you a question, how are those resolutions going? Remember when you promised yourself you’d lose 5 pounds a week till you reached your goal weight?  Maybe your resolve was to quit smoking or drinking and eat more vegetables and fruit for the next few months.  Or perhaps to cut out soda and fizzy drinks and stick to drinking more water and natural juices.  But I wonder how many of you stuck to any of those goals, I’m guessing less than 5 percent did.

The problem is that the New Year has so much pressure and expectations.  We start the year off guns blazing and work out constantly or cut out all the junk from out diets in quest of getting a nice lean body for spring break.  But then life happens. We get invited to social gatherings or parties and temptation is everywhere.  That is why I love the 21 day diet plan. Because most people can’t commit to a three or six month plan, but the idea of only being healthy or having to be healthy for 21 days is very feasible for most people.  The plan is simple. You drink a lot of water to keep your body staying and feeling hydrated and replenishing lost fluids after exercise which is also recommended.  During the 21 day diet plan, you’ll also have to cut out sugar and most carbohydrates.

You will be getting your energy from other sources of food like fruits that are low in sugar and in vegetables.  You’ll start to eat a lot more beans, legumes and lean protein sources. That means cutting out a lot of red mean and sticking to either lean sources of red meat or mainly fish, chicken and turkey.  My favorite part of the 21 day diet plan is the smoothies and green drinks.  They might look strange, but they taste just delicious. They help replenish your body from anything you have lost and also help build muscle and burn fat.  By drinking a lot of water, you will also be less inclined to eat foods.  The purpose of going on this diet for 21 days is to prevent yourself from being addicted to carbs and sugar.  It takes 21 days to break a habit and once you do, you can focus on building your strength, losing weight and getting in the best shape of your life.

If you want to lose even more weight, you might consider adding in a light exercise plan where you focus on cardio and weight lifting. Make sure to warm up before exercising and do a stretch, yoga or cool down afterwards to avoid over-training.  And drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. 🙂

Skinny Fiber Pilot Study Indicates Weight Loss

There are hundreds of studies on the market showing how various popular weight loss ingredients can help people lose weight. but the fact is, most of these studies are done on rats by over feeding them and then measuring the results after taking these various weight loss ingredients. The trouble with this is that the studies aren’t actually reflective of how the supplements would work on real people and for this reason, we are so proud to announce a new study that has actually been done on a variety of different test subjects and human beings.

Skinny Fiber Pilot Study of 20 Subjects:

The study consisted of two different groups of overweight subjects.  10 people were in one group and these people were between 20-30 years of age and in the “overweight” category on the BMI scale.

The second group was also composed of 10 people who were overweight. In the first group, the participants were put on a diet routine but were instructed to not exercise any more than usual. The second group was placed on the same diet but also had to take two doses of skinny fiber capsules twice a day with lunch and dinner. The study was conducted over the period of 6 weeks.

Results of the Pilot Study:

Participants in the first group lost around 10 pounds with their new diet over the course of those six weeks. However, in the second group the average weight loss was 14.5 pounds, showing an increase of 4.5 pounds for those who took the skinny fiber pills.  The researchers indicated that the various fiber and glucomannan ingredients caused participants to feel less hungry throughout the day so they ate less and as a result lost more weight overall.


The conclusion was that skinny fiber tablets can help aid in weight management. It is important to note that these results were not based on the pills alone since the participants were placed on a diet additionally to maximize their weight loss over the course of the six weeks. However, the pills helped the participants lose weight because it resulted in them being less hungry throughout the day and this allowed them to stick to the rigorous diet.  We conclude that skinny fiber pills can help participants lose weight providing they drink plenty of water during the process and do not indulge in foods that are rich in fat and sugar. By having a moderate and balanced diet in combination with these weight loss pills, people will lose weight and also feel satiated.

Fiber Makes You Skinny: Recipes and Thoughts

In an era where processed and unhealthy foods are the norm and healthy eating is expensive and difficult to understand, it is no wonder that we are a nation of obese.  We have begun an uproar against “fat shaming” and telling young girls that “big is beautiful” and that plus size women are gorgeous too. And while the mantra has good intentions and encouraging our youth and men and women to be accepting of their bodies, it is very important to remember that obesity and being overweight can have serious implications on our health.

Where to get enough fiber?

Scientists and doctors suggest that people need to eat more fiber in their diet in order to lose weight and get skinny. The popular weight loss pill known as skinny fiber supplement is an excellent weight loss management aid that can help people lose weight. Skinny Fiber contains a number of healthy ingredients that are designed to stimulate weight loss and help the body lose weight.  Fiber is so important because eating enough of it makes the user feel “full” and satisfied after each and every snack and meal throughout the day. When a person feels less hungry on a daily basis, they are less inclined to eat junk food and other types of food that will make them fat. By eating a lot of fiber throughout the day in the form of wholewheat and complex carbohydrates, a person will eat less in the day on the whole. This will result in burning more calories and losing more weight.

What are my high fiber options?

There are many different high fiber options available for both snacks and meals. For breakfast, one might consider eating whole wheat toast with a peanut butter spread. The protein in the nut butter (providing it is low-sugar) will help fill the stomach and the fiber in the toast will be more satisfying and filling than if you were to eat white bread.

For lunch, you might consider brown or basmati rice and some chicken breast mixed with vegetables. Remember to take your skinny fiber pills before you eat so you will eat even less because you will feel full.  It’s also important to drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Sometimes your body pretends that it is hungry and really all you need is more water.  Drinking enough water will also help you feel less tired and more energetic to get through your exercise.

Ultimately, when losing weight just make sure to drink water, take your skinny fiber pills and exercise when you can. Also eat a diet full of high fiber snacks and eat as little sugar and processed foods as possible.

Fitness and Flexibility: How Physiotherapy Can Help You

Any avoid exerciser will tell you that the most important part of a workout isn’t necessarily the hardcore weight lifting or cardio aerobic exercises. Sure, all of those work together to help you burn calories and fat, improve your level of physical fitness and also help you gain muscle and strength.  But in order to maximize the benefits of your workout, you need to have muscles and joints that are flexible and limber.

That is why we believe even more important than exercise is preparing your body prior to exercising to make sure you’ll be able to get through a workout easily and with little strain on your muscles.  People who exercise frequently or do sports on a weekly or daily basis are more prone to muscle straining or injury.  For this reason, we consulted a physiotherapist in our are to ask them about what steps you can take to avoid straining your muscles or avoid any type of muscle injury.

Question: What types of people are prone to muscle injury?  Are most people who go to physiotherapy senior citizens?

Answer: No, that is a common misconception. Physiotherapy is amazing for people of all walks of life. We have several clients who are males in their mid-late twenties and they come to us on a weekly or monthly basis to make sure their bodies are in top shape prior to a sports competition or a football match, for example.  Of course we also have elderly clients who need help because their muscles aren’t as strong as they used to be.

Q:  How does one know if they have a muscle injury? Can they check for themselves?

A: We do not recommend self-diagnosis. In an age of information overload, people often jump online and research their issues based on symptoms they are feeling. They often come to us after booking an appointment and are petrified that they have a more serious injury because of what they have read online. The best steps to take are to book an appointment with a professional physiotherapist who will begin by assessing your body for any muscle injury that is in need of repair. They will then work with you to develop a rehabilitation plan that will take place over a series of weeks or months to be able to fully provide you with enough exercises and treatment to reverse the effects of the injury.

Q: Can you ever full heal from a sports injury? Do people ever get full muscle restoration?

This is difficult to answer. In some cases, people are totally back to normal and experience no side effects. They feel as if they never had an injury. However, we recommend taking extra precaution because once one area has been injured it is very easy to re-injure. Make sure you are warming up and stretching before each type of physical activity and never do more than you feel your body can handle.

21 day fix to a New You

Have you ever wanted to lose weight? Have you ever works out and eat healthily and not lost weight at all and when what you are doing wrong? If the answer is yes either of these questions then perhaps you need to find any weight loss program that will work for you. I love the 21 day fix because it helps me lose 20 pounds in only three weeks. 21 day fix is a three-week workout program in which you do one workout DVD that lasts for 30 minutes each day. Every workout is different because there are seven different workout to follow, one for each day of the week.
Every day you will target a different muscle or area of the body for example the body, lower body, stomach muscles, and strength training exercises so that he will build muscle in addition to burning fat.

Many people only focus on cardio-based workouts when they are trying to lose weight because they think that lifting weights cause them to fall or gain more weight. This however is an urban legend. Women will not. Unless they take types of supplements in order to bulk up.
However if you do the 21 day fix you will be working every area of your body and you will be burning in addition to losing weight my favorite part about the 21 day fix extreme workout is the eating plan and you must use the 21 day fix container sizes because it makes eating and losing weight simple. All you have to do is select the amount of color containers you have to eat each day to not go over that amount. There is no calorie counting and no counting points. You simply have to fill up the containers for the amount that you are allowed to eat each day and do not go over that amount. That will keep your caloric intake under 1500 cal for example so that you will lose 2 pounds per week consistently.

When you complete three weeks of the 21 day fix and lose up to 10 pounds, you may decide to do another three weeks of the program to lose even more weight. This is not short-term solution. Losing weight with the 21 day fix is natural and healthy and you can repeat the process over and over again until you get your desired results you if you decide that you want to try something different and you want to try a more intense exercise you may consider going and purchasing the 21 day fix extreme which is the second program in the to program series. The second program is for more advanced exercisers because the exercises in the DVDs are much more difficult than the original I recommend a series for anyone who wants to lose weight perhaps before a wedding or a party.


What Do I Need In Order To Lose Weight?

I’m Really Good – At Gaining Weight!

While most of us are able to gain weight rather easily, the majority is not to as good when it comes to losing weight.  For some people the idea to lose the excess weight and pounds they have been piling up for years is sometimes inconceivable.  However, you should know that all people can lose weight, even though it might be a little bit more difficult than gaining weight.

What-is-the-best-way-to-lose-weight1Tell Me What To Do

People often want advice on things they need to do, plans they have to follow and activities they have to take in order for them to lose weight and keep it off.  And while there are many things you can do to lose weight, there is one key thing when it comes to being successful at losing weight and I would like to put the special emphasis on it.  Mark these words: The key to successful weight loss is (drumroll!) determination.  In other words, it’s all in that lovely head of yours.

Why Determination?

Now let’s say you have about 20 pounds you want to get rid of.  You start to exercise, eat healthy, and after a week or two you realize that you have lost 5 pounds.  Now you feel amazing, you feel excited, and you feel like you have achieved something and you feel proud of yourself.  You start feeling so good about yourself that you can skip that cycling class and have that cup of hot chocolate with your friend.  You will not feel guilty, since you have lost 5 pounds.  After indulging yourself for several days, you go back to the scale and you realize that you have gained back those 5 pounds.  And in fact added two more!  “What?  How is that possible?  Why do I even bother?  I will just give up, altogether.  Hand me that slice of pizza.” Wrong.  You should never, ever, give up on losing weight.  That is the only recipe four future success.

No, Seriously What Should I Do???

Press-uP-Man-59452604Oh, c’mon, you know the drill! And you have probably heard this a million times before, but if you want a list, OK.

Here is what you have to do in order to lose weight:

Start exercising.  Live healthy.  Eat healthy foods.  Do not eat junk food and food which is not good for your health.  Drink plenty of water. Do not smoke, do not drink alcohol (or if you do, keep it to the minimum).  Go to bed early.  Sleep plenty.  Eat reasonable amounts of food.

In Other Words, You Should Change Your Lifestyle Entirely

Instead of implementing a certain diet which is temporary, you should change your lifestyle, be more active, live healthier, and then repeat that every day for the rest of your life.  Only in this way you will lose weight and become healthier.

Speed Up The Weight Loss Process


You Should Really Take It Slow There, Bro

Even though losing weight is a process and you should take it slow, a lot of people are impatient about getting there.  They want to reach their goal weight as soon as possible, and as they want to speed up the weight loss process.

Process of Adaptation

You should be aware that losing weight is a process which lasts for a certain amount of time precisely because it is necessary for your body to adapt and it is healthy for your body to lose weight gradually instead of losing weight rapidly.  If you want to keep yourself healthy you will even try to slow down the process of losing weight in order for the dieting to be successful, and not experience yo-yo effect.


I Simply Can’t Wait That Long!

However, I still get tons of questions from people who were in a hurry to lose weight, and they want to lose those pounds a.s.a.p.  Now, there certainly are ways in which you can help speed up your weight loss process.  If you want to do just that you should follow some or all of the following pieces of advice which I am about to bestow upon you.



  1. Eat Less

The most important advice which I can give to you in order for you to lose weight more rapidly, is to eat less in general.  If you have troubles with eating smaller portions of food, maybe you should get smaller plates, and the order smaller sizes at restaurants.



  1. Exercise More (And Then Some More)

The key to losing weight rapidly is to exercise more, which will increase the daily need for calories and burned fat quickly.



  1. Go To Sleep When Hungry

If you’re feeling hungry and the end of the day find yourself craving any kinds of food, you should just go to bed.  Chances are that when you wake up you won’t feel hungry at all.



  1. Count Your Calories

To speed up the weight loss process make sure you count your calories, and are not overstep your calories limit.  This is all basically simple mathematics.  Once you calculate the amount of calories your need, and how much you spend, and how much it is necessary for you to lose a pound, you will rapidly lose weight.




  1. Drink Water

Whenever you feel like you are hungry you should drink a glass of water first.  Not only that it will make you feel fuller, and therefore it will be less likely for you to eat everything in your way, but also, four in the simple reason that people sometimes think they are hungry, whereas in fact they are just thirsty.

  1. Get A Scale

If you want to lose weight rapidly make sure you get a scale, and weigh daily. This will prevent you to over-eat and also you will be able to monitor your progress.

Obtain Normal Body Weight and Avoid The Extremes

Never Go To The Extreme!fitness-boot-camp-testimonial

Looking at celebrities and their perfect pictures from magazines, people have become more and more obsessed with looking perfect and obtaining the perfect body image.  Usually, this perfection we strive for is unattainable, since it has been achieved with Photoshop most probably.  However, there is also the other extreme: more and more people are gaining weight massively or have gained a lot of weight, becoming obese and over-indulging in food and drinks. Even if you follow a healthy lifestyle you might not end up looking as Gisele Bundschen or Kate Moss, but that’s ok, you should strive to look healthy and be happy.

The Unhealthy Game of Both Losing and Gaining

Both extremes on the scale are not healthy for your body.  Torturing your body and becoming thin like a skeleton is just as unhealthy as being obese and vice versa.  Therefore, if you want to preserve your health and obtain a realistic, healthy body image you should try to keep your weight within the normal limits.  Which basically means that you will not be too fat, but you will not be too thin either if you choose to keep your weight within normal BMI.

IMG_9524-1024x1024Quick Solutions To Your Problems

Frequently I get the question how to lose weight quickly.  And the answer is there it is no quick and simple solution!  So forget about it!  You will not go to bed one night only to wake up next morning 20 pounds lighter, no matter what kind of magic pill you take.  The process of losing weight is truly that – a process, and it cannot be hurried.  You should strive to change your eating habits, your diet, your taste in certain foods; only then when you see the results on your body.

The Famous Yo-Yo Effect

You have probably heard of the yo-yo effect, when rapid weight loss is followed by weight gain.  In order to avoid this you should avoid to losing weight rapidly, since this in most cases only means that you will gain all those pounds back quickly, and probably stack up some more.

How To Lose Weight and Keep It Off

What you want to do is to change your lifestyle.  Change your diet.  Create healthy eating habits.  Drink lots of water.  Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.  Eat healthy meats, such as red meat, chicken, fish.  Avoid eating fast food.  Do not drink unhealthy beverages which are full of sugar.  Do not enjoy alcohol excessively.  Do not smoke.  Exercise, as much as you can.  Exercise several times a week.  Enjoy sports activities as your leisure activities several times a week. Be active. Go on foot or cycle instead of driving around in your car. Change your life from the root, and you are bound to see the results.s780122335519039042_p27_i1_w892


[box type=”download”]   Patience, My Dear 

Just because after the first two weeks you don’t see the results, that doesn’t mean you should give it up and go back to your old habits. I know old habits die hard, but give your new lifestyle a chance, or you will never see the results it might have.[/box]